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Beijing in a Day

After spending our first night in a Beijing hotel, we spent the morning touring the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. It’s pretty humbling to walk on the same stones that have been worn down by people for thousands of years. 

More pictures to come but here are a couple of group shots:

It’s been very hot so far but we’re keeping hydrated and passing around sunscreen like it’s going out of style. 

Oh, and Tom and Marc kicked off the first official China Tour Run Group with an early-morning run through the streets of Beijing. Despite a few near misses with cars, scooters and pedestrians, the run was successful with only the slightest signs that they are, in fact, old. 

We’re boarding a train to our next destination. Stay tuned!


Here’s our home for the next 13 hours. Rebecca tried calling shotgun but they insisted that seat was for the copilot. 

We were told to pack light. Beth took that to heart and only packed 5 outfits. Christine made some tough choices too but ultimately decided the selfie stick was a must-have. 

Off we go!